Paddle Pals

We help you and your little one discover the joys of aquatic watermanship! Movement related titles and characters demonstrate essential skills to encourage foundation and fundimental age development, allowing positive progression in water. Use Paddle Pals to help you swim. Each little Paddler represents a skill, combining movements and using the songs and actions at home in the tub or as part of a structured session in the pool, will help your baby, tottler, toddler or small child to become a well rounded pool performer! Come join us, SwimaSong's a ton of fun!

We're six of the best Paddle Pals you'll meet Learning to swim with us is neat! 'Bubbler' loves to blast and blow, ‘Floaty’ lies back nice and slow. 'Kickie' helps you move your feet, 'Gozunda' likes the dunking treat! 'Glider' skims the surface with ease, and 'Climber' exits the pool, it's a breeze! Come join us in the bath or pool, Keep safe, start young, is the SwimaSong rule!